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la provincia de Cádiz


To show you the province of Cadiz in a different way and therefore complementary the traditional tourist tours. Places and natural landscapes away from the mass tourism and in a very pleasant and relaxed way.


Our aim is to help consolidate the destination as an alternative tourist destination for an increasingly demanding public.


Committed to the environment, we instil respect for the natural environment, trying to have as little impact as possible by our presence. We prioritise human relations and direct contact with the customer.


Discover with us the parks and natural landscapes of the province of Cádiz.

Get to know the province of Cadiz

Rutasiete offers a different way of getting to know the province of Cadiz, a province peculiar for its location, between two seas and two continents, and for its natural landscapes where the Natural Parks of Grazalema stand out, with the highest rainfall in Spain and having the highest elevation in the province, El Torreón with its 1654 m., and Los Alcornocales, the largest mass of cork oaks in the Iberian Peninsula, called "The last Mediterranean jungle". Los Alcornocales, the largest mass of cork oaks in the Iberian Peninsula, called "The last Mediterranean forest". The Natural Park of Doñana, which due to its proximity to the Strait of Gibraltar can be observed more than 300 species of birds that are distributed by its various ecosystems, without forgetting the Bay of Cadiz, the Breña and the Marshes of Barbate and the Natural Park of the Strait, which has part of its territory in the Atlantic Ocean and the other in the Mediterranean Sea, and between the two Tarifa, cradle of water sports for its strong winds and all this against the backdrop of the African continent. The province as a whole has 31% of protected areas, i.e. 231,220 ha. In proportion, it is the province with the most protected land in Andalusia. Cadiz is the oldest city in the West, where culture overflows in every corner of its towns and cities, these will accompany us on our routes, where we mix places of exuberant nature, with white villages full of light and the friendliness of its people.

En su conjunto la provincia tiene un 31 % de espacio protegido, es decir 231.220 Ha. Siendo en proporción la que tiene más suelo protegido de Andalucía.

Cádiz, es la ciudad más antigua de occidente, donde la cultura rebosa por cada rincón de sus pueblos y ciudades, estos nos acompañaran por nuestras rutas, donde mezclamos lugares de una naturaleza exuberante, con pueblos blancos llenos de luz y la simpatía de sus gentes.

Active tourism

Rutasiete is an active tourism company registered with the number AT/CA/00254, by the Junta de Andalucía, with a long and extensive experience of more than 10 years.

Its manager, Salvador Pineda, is technical director and instructor of active tourism, certified trainer of sherry wine (Consejo Regulador de la D.O. Jerez-Xéres-Sherry) and worked as a tourism development technician for the project "Pagos del sherry", for the Wine and Brandy Route of the Marco de Jerez. He began his professional career in active tourism in the 90s, working in various companies in the sector such as: Aventerra, Viajes Alventus and Turismo Rural Genatur. He was also coordinator and presenter of the nature series "Rutas" for Onda Jerez TV, touring the parks and natural areas of the province of Cadiz.

We are based in Jerez, the birthplace of flamenco, the Carthusian horse and one of the most famous wines in the world: Jerez - Xeres - sherry.