Photographic tour

Discover the natural spaces and the historical legacy of the province of Cádiz

Live with us this specialised experience about a particular ecosystem within the different natural areas of the province of Cadiz, such as: vineyards, Mediterranean forests, grassland, pine forests, marshes, salt marshes, beaches and dune systems, etc. As a whole or in particular at the faunistic level, such as, Cervidae, birdwatching or the fighting bull, etc. For all of this we will use specialised guides, optical material, graphic material, etc. As is the norm in our company, we take care and interfere minimally in the natural environment and in a very careful approach to environment.

Also on a cultural level, we find ourselves in a province with a unique historical legacy, from the Tartessos, through the Phoenicians, Romans, Muslims, to the contemporary age. With a diversity of archaeological sites and monumental elements such as: Towers and watchtowers, hermitages, fortifications, lighthouses, etc. always in the natural environment. We will illustrate all this heritage with graphic documentation.

These experiences are aimed both at a general public eager to learn, and at professionals with a very specific interest in a specific topic.

These tours are carried out privately and upon request, a customised program and budget will be prepared.